Get the most out of Lesonal products


Lesonal offers intensive, tailor-made training in the use of products and in the repair process. You get real results: fewer errors and complaints, better grasp of the latest technologies, and improved use of time and materials in the repair process. Our standard offering includes a wide range of product and technical training.

Examples of recent product training opportunities:

  1. Lesonal Product Training (Basecoat SB or Basecoat WB) – 18 I-CAR hours
  2. Lesonal Advanced Product Training – Difficult to blend metallics - 3-Step Pearls and Metallics – 21 I-CAR hours
  3. Lesonal Color Tinting – 20 I-CAR hours

AkzoNobel is an approved member of the I-CAR Industry Training Alliance and attending one of our training classes will earn you valuable I-CAR Gold Class hours.