Lesonal Primer Pro


​​​The Lesonal Primer Pro system offers better color accuracy for basecoats combined with easy application and superior sandability.

The unlimited gray shades improve opacity under basecoat for reduced material usage and greater color accuracy. This improves hiding and reduces the time to finish, meaning lower cost and shorter application time, which increases shop productivity without sacrificing quality.

Use Lesonal Primer Pro as a high build primer surfacer or a wet-on-wet primer sealer to get a great process and great results. Fast.

Item # 527657    Primer Pro White
Item # 527658    Primer Pro Black
Item # 527659    Primer Pro Gray
Item # 527660    Primer Pro Hardener
Item # 527661    Primer Pro Medium Activator
Item # 527662    Primer Pro Fast Activator
Item # ​527663    Primer Pro Sealer Reducer