Primer Pro LV

Next generation Primer-Sealer system


​​​​​​Primer Pro LV is an all new VOC compliant undercoat system available in black, white, and gray; offering better opacity under basecoat for improved color accuracy.

The versatile new system can be used as a high build
primer or a wet on wet non-sand sealer.  This next generation enhanced system reduces the amount of topcoat material needed, shortens repair time, reduces the number products in a shop, and improves final appearance for greater customer

Item # 515311       Primer Pro LV White Gallon
Item # 515312       Primer Pro LV Gray Gallon
Item # 515313       Primer Pro LV Black Gallon
Item # 515310       Primer Pro LV Hardener Quart
Item # 516961       Primer Pro LV Fast Activator
Item # ​516962       Primer Pro LV Slow Activator