ProAir Clear LV 2 Pack

The first Lesonal product for use with the MPU!


Lesonal Pro Air Clear LV 2 pack is intended for use in ambient cure conditions and offers fast dry and dust free time without force drying. Pro Air Clear LV 2 pack offers great application flow and leveling, good resistance to surface contamination and superb gloss, making it an ideal choice for air dry environments.

Available in a convenient Two Pack system, Pro Air Clear LV
provides a more compact and simple system using a common
hardener for both Fast and Slow clearcoats. In addition, this clear–is the first product offering in Lesonal that can be used with the MPU- Manual Proportioning Unit.

Pro Air Clear LV 2 Pack Slow Item # 516533 
Pro Air Clear LV 2 Pack Fast Item # 516534
Pro Air Clear LV 2 Pack Hardener Item # 516522